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                 SMD Inline and Right Angle Gearbox are mainly know for its Best performance, its High Accuracy and wide range of Ratios, makes these Gearboxes very effective to be used in various types of Machine Manufacturing Industry.

                      SNP 60 and SS 70 are most commonly used reducer in Automation and SPM. Its 40 Nm Nominal Torque capacity makes this Gearbox to be used with 400 or 750 watt motors. Standard Backlash of 5 arc min and reduce Backlash of 1 arc min range property make this reducer to be known by high precision servo gearbox.

                        SMD Provides various mounting adaptor solutions which helps to attach any size of Servo directly without any difficulty. In special cases SMD also provides round flange in an output to match customer requirements without charging them extra. The early supply due to in stock material and quick service makes SMD to be a Global  well known Brand.


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