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Robotic Palletizing

A palletizer for a packaging industry is a machine which provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet.


The main function of this palette is to place the material in specific places after the set coordinates. This thing happens here because of the perfect speed controllers. SMD Hollow Rotary Gearbox - Working as Motion Controller at ST Series and achieves position accuracy for placing material in the right place.  Manually placing the box on the palette can be time consuming and expensive; This can put unusual stress on workers.


Robotic pelletizers were introduced in the early 1980s and were an end-of-arm tool (end effect) for grabbing a product from a conveyor or layer table and placing it on the palette.     

    Hollow Rotary Gearbox - The ST series has a very low backlash of less than 30 arc seconds and is paired with the Planetary Gearbox SNP series to achieve a higher reduction ratio. This combination of SMD gearbox makes the application efficient.


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