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SRV Series


The cycloidal gearbox is compact in size, capable of lowering with high axial dimensions, and high torque capacity The gearbox is being used in multi-axis robotic arm.


Product Description:-

  • Rated Output Torque : 72Nm to 4410Nm
  • Backlash : Less than 1 Arc-min.
  • Ratio : 1:82 to 1:300 for case run.
  • High load impact resistance
  • Compact and light weight



  • Large flange rotary face.
  • Wide range of reduction with high rated torque capacity in short axial dimension.
  • High load carrying capacity.
  • Precision backlash which make suitable to use in robotic arm.


SMD Gearbox - Taiwan

Dali Dist., Taichung City, 

Taiwan Taichung 41280